About LCT's The Great Limo Race

LCT will be comparing how five operators with less than two years in the industry build their success, including the challenges, failures, and achievements. Read more


Deborah Talbott

Debbie is a former purchasing director who after 20 years found herself unemployed in a recession. She immediately launched her new business from home starting with a single 120-inch stretch limousine and has since added a Lincoln Town Car Executive L to the fleet. Read more

Ricardo Garza

Ric, as he is known to friends, is 45 years old, married, and a proud parent of two boys and one girl. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science and spent many years working in the Houston Mayor’s Office as a certified conflict mediator and business developer. Read more

Becky Laramee

Along with her brother, John, Becky bought All Points Limousine in 2008. Their mother had spent time in the motorcoach and travel industry and had retired, but wasn’t quite ready for retirement. Needless to say, mother Bonnie is the office manager. Read more

Brad Gregory

Brad bought a 25-year-old limousine service in 2009 from a retiring owner. The company is located between Nashville, Tenn. and Bowling Green, Ky. He had no previous experience in the industry, working for the past decade for an automotive company. Read more

Georgia Berg

In July 2007, at the age of 44, Georgia became a long-distance business partner with her longtime Australian friend, Peter Smith. They met by chance while vacationing in Hawaii in 1993. During a 2003 visit to the U.S., Smith saw a Ford Excursion limousine and vowed to bring the first one to Australia. Read more

Race Referee

Jim Luff

LCT Contributing Editor Jim Luff is an operator from Bakersfield, Calif. After working as a chauffeur in the early 1990s, he joined The Limousine Scene in 1993 as general manager and later became a partner in the business. Read more

BECKY Update 10: Up, Down, Up, Surging Forward

I have had a computer malfunction and lost all my data. Now, I’m working on this iPad device, so excuse any errors on getting this update to you all. I hope you are all well and enjoy the returning economy and lovely summer. All my best!
All Points has had quite a couple of months. We had our best month to date in May, up 20% compared to May 2010, which was our best month on the books. The nice thing about this growth is it came by doing the exact same number of jobs, so net revenue was through the roof. Then came June which was a complete disappointment; we were down 12% and did 21 fewer jobs. The good news is that we have already recaptured those lost 21 jobs in July, which is trending up 34% to date. Crazzzzzy!! 
I had mentioned in my last update that I had hired a business coach. My coach has helped me to look at the big picture, to stop and drill down to see where we are today, and create a plan for short term and long term growth. The major thing I discovered by working with my coach, other than I need to focus more, was that we were not making money on airport transportation. We have adjusted our pricing and are looking to grow the retail side to have a better balance of revenue. My coach helped me to re-evaluate the entire business, which led to some fleet and personnel changes. We had to let a chauffeur go who had been with us since the beginning and we decided to sell off some vehicles.
We sold two Lincoln Town Cars and one limousine while we bought a Town Car and our first stretch SUV. Our new 120” Ford Expedition has been the best purchase to date. We had the truck rented out before we had even purchased it. The SUV has been booked every weekend since we received it. We also added a new person in the office who is an event planner and quite good at marketing. Michelle has added a new dimension to our team, and we are hoping to capture more of the retail market with the help of her expertise.
I have been told by so many of you in the industry if you want to do weddings you must do wedding shows. Therefore, we are exhibited our new stretch SUV at our first show on July 13. We are also gearing up for the first big wedding expo of the fall season on Sept. 18.
We have turned up the steam on our marketing program with more activity on our website and more networking events. Our first newsletter is set to go out this week, and we are trying to post more to Facebook. We have created some new offerings such as clam bakes and wine tours, and we are considering a haunted house tour. 
We will celebrate three years in business on July 23 with a big cookout for our staff. 

Becky Laramee

All Points Limousine

Leominster, Mass.

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